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Published 2nd August 2008 by

Having experienced several thermal shutdowns, I decided to upgrade my cooling by installing a few mods. Here is my illustrated guide and walkthrough of how not to install a Thermaltake Giant3 video card cooler on an ATI 9800XT.
PC Cooling Upgrade - Heatsinks, Fans, Filters and more...

PC Cooling Upgrade - Heatsinks, Fans, Filters and more...

Warning: Do not try this at home! Do not follow these instructions as I destroyed my card. You have been warned!

I took delivery of a few new toys, one of which was my Thermaltake Giant III VGA cooler. The highest clock I could get stock was 389mhz GPU and 345mhz Memory, and this produced a 3D Mark 2003 Score of 6400. Couldn't get higher on stock cooling, so I thought that this might be worth a try. It was in a sale as well so BONUS!

As you would expect from a manufacturer such as ThermalTake, all parts were of high quality, the heat sink was a little rough but still acceptable, spare screws and washers included.

The only difference between the 9800XT and the 9800 Pro is in the clock settings, the pro being lower. Some Pro models have R350 chip running at its highest clock speed, while others have the R360 chip which is underclocked. Luckily for me, once I had the stock heatsink and fan off, I found myself with a R360, which means that I should be able to run my 9800 Pro at XT speeds without any problems  :) 

Tighten screw A, using nut B and supplied washer C then screw clips using screwdriver and secure using clip D.

??? At this point, I did away with the instructions and made it up as I went along.

I'll just use my pliers to grip the nut while balancing the card on my knee and tightening the screw with the other hand...

...Tchzing! Pliers slipped and I hear a clink and something hits the table. Oh NO!!

I decided to carry on with the installation regardless, it may still work. On with the Goo...

It still posted, but as soon as I got into windows and ran explorer, screen corruption was very visible then PC reset. Post beeps a few times and screen has mess all over it. Weird characters and colours then PC powers off. RIP one graphics card! BE CAREFUL WITH PLIERS!!!

Installed in case - a bit crowded now!

Installed in case - a bit crowded now!

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