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Published 8th September 2012 by

Now that I have the compensation money from the car crash, I've started looking at getting a larger motorcycle since my VN800 is a little under powered for my needs now; however, this isn't what I started out looking for...

In fact, I started out looking for a Kawasaki VN900, Honda Shadow or Fury VT1300CX. I took out a local Kawasaki VN1600 which I liked, but it was in poor condition for its age and price, then quite out of the blue I saw a Midnight Star and fell in love with it. I was considering buying new from Fowlers as I had already purchased new bikes from there, however the salesman rude and arrogant so we walked out. Good job too.

I found this bike at Tamworth Yamaha on BikeTrader, phoned up straight away to make an appointment to view and went up today with Rob and put down a deposit! It should be being delivered next week after the cheque clears. Having spoken with the owners at Tamworth Yamaha it sounds like Fowlers are selling off older 2008 models discounted as the current model, not the 2010-2012 model which I have now. Just one more fowlup from Fowlers, so I won't be using them again for anything.

Can't wait to take delivery now!

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