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Published 28th May 2013 by

WordPress, the popular blogging and CMS platform, is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this week and is due to launch a new version of the software soon.

I have been personally using WordPress since 2004 (version 1.0.2!) when WordPress was still in its infancy. When I created my first blog, called Lonewolf Online, I investigated many different platforms but I instantly recognized that despite its infancy, WordPress was the superior platform due to its ease of use and for its community support. I've used various other systems in the past, but have always preferred WordPress and now I almost exclusively use WordPress as a framework for new websites. It's nice to see that 9 years later my initial feelings about WordPress were correct and that we're still getting along!

Two of the main features that have made WordPress such a resounding success is it's extremely powerful theming system and extendibility through the use of plugins. Through the use of themes and plugins I feel that there isn't anything that I can't do with WordPress - I've already used it as a blog, a CMS, an eCommerce platform, a photo album, a knowledge base, a staff and resource planner, an integrated intranet and many other projects.

During the time I have been using WordPress I have seen it grow from strength to strength and with each new release comes a plethora of features making it even easier to use and work with.

Congratulations, and thanks, to Matt Mullenweg and all the developers at WordPress for making such an awesome piece of software! Let's see what the next 10 years has in store!

10 Reasons You Should Be Using WordPress

  1. It's Free! - Free to download, install as many times as you like. No licence agreements, no support contracts, no annual maintenance. It's all free!
  2. 5 Minute Install - WordPress can be installed in just a few mouse clicks.
  3. Well Supported - An active community supports WordPress and support for WordPress can be found from web designers, developers and programmers.
  4. User Friendly - You can install WordPress and be online without touching any code at all! A powerful dashboard provides simple drag and drop configuration.
  5. Themes - Many WordPress themes are free, or available at a small cost, meaning you have access to hundreds of different visual styles.
  6. Plugins - Hundreds of plugins extend the functionality of WordPress bringing new and unique features to your website.
  7. SEO Friendly - WordPress is out the box very search engine friendly.
  8. Easily Translatable - WordPress supports internationalization out of the box so your website can be up and running in your own language very quickly.
  9. Open Source Software - No hidden timebombs, security leaks or malware. The source is 100% open and developed by a large community.
  10. Evolution - WordPress is continuously being developed by thousands of developers with regular updates so you'll never be left with an obsolete website.

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