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Published 5th August 2011 by

After some persuasion from my brother in law, we took a trip down to Weston for the weekly Bike Night organised by the Riders Branch of The Royal British Legion.

This weekly Thursday meet during the summer is based on the sea front in the seaside resort of Weston Super Mare, North Somerset, UK. All bikes donate £1 to enter and all proceeds go the charity "The Poppy Appeal".

For me, it was my first bike meet, and the trip from Bristol to Weston was the longest continuous trip I've done to date. I'm quite pleased that my wrist didn't give me too much gyp. It was sore the next day, but at least I didn't hurt riding. Coming home, we took the scenic route through Cheddar Gorge, a challenging tight and twisty uphill section, before some nice sweeping open corners.

Update: I also got myself photographed on Flickr riding into Weston! Check out the full gallery for tons more photos from the night.

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