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Your website is designed to fulfil your expectations, and your customers/clients expectations. It's important that your website looks good to engage your visitors, allowing your website to become successful and meet the goals you are striving for.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of WordPress

WordPress is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this week and is due to launch a major new version of the software soon.
- 28th May, 2013

Google Analytics for Tracking Website Visitor Statistics

Take advantage of the huge amount of data collected by Google Analytics to analyse how your visitors use your website and where to improve.
- 1st May, 2013

HTML Entity Conversion Calculator

HTML Entity Conversion tool converts special characters to htmlentities for use in CSS, HTML and JavaScript avoiding encoding errors.
- 7th Apr, 2013

Re-Enable a Greyed out WordPress Publish or Update Button

WordPress autosaves as you edit, but this can go wrong and disables the update button. Here's how to fix disabled WordPress publish button.
- 14th Mar, 2013

A Guide to the Robots.txt Exclusion Protocol

Learn how to use robots.txt to control how search engine crawlers, or spiders, access and crawl your site on the web and what to index.
- 1st Feb, 2013

Disable Comment Cookies in WordPress for Better GDPR Compliance

WordPress sets some cookies which are not strictly necessary. Here is how to disable comment cookies for better GDPR compliance.
- 28th Sep, 2012

Using Google Search Central (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)

Google Webmaster Tools are free tools which help to understand what is going on with your website in terms of search engine optimisation.
- 1st Jul, 2012

EU Cookie Law WordPress Plugin [Retired]

This tutorial and download shows you how to implement an 'implied consent' notification message using jQuery and includes WordPress plugin.
- 13th Jun, 2012

How To Secure Your WordPress Site - WordPress Security 101

WordPress is a pretty secure platform, but there are several things you can do to harden WordPress security and protect your website.
- 10th Apr, 2012

Seven Creative Logos with Hidden Meanings You Haven't Noticed

Here is a collection of creative logos that have a secret hidden meaning. Once you have seen the secret, you can't help but notice it.
- 2nd Jan, 2012