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How to Block Google FLoC, The Web's Latest Tracking Tech

Why you need to Block Google FLoC, the new tracking tool designed to replace third-party cookies with their own surveillance and tracking.
- 24th May, 2021

How to Make Dark Mode for Websites Using Only CSS

Enabling dark mode in CSS allows website visitors to view an eye-friendly and resource-saving design depending on their own system settings.
- 14th Mar, 2021

Event Handling Techniques within TypeScript

Event handling provides a channel of communication between different parts of an application. There are several techniques for creating and handling events, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
- 2nd Apr, 2020

Building a Vue.js Portfolio Website with Axios and Flickr API

Step by step guide to creating your first Vue.js portfolio app. We install and configure Vue.js, create a new project and build a portfolio website using Flickr API.
- 7th May, 2019

13 Essential VSCode Extensions You'll Actually Use

Curated list of the best VSCode Extensions for developers to enhance productivity and make those programming tasks less challenging.
- 22nd Apr, 2019

10 WordPress Themes for Artists and Creatives

Here is a list of WordPress themes for artists and creatives that you can use to create your website portfolio and showcase talents.
- 5th Apr, 2019

Top WordPress Templates for Musicians and Bands

Grow your music project with the cutting-edge WordPress templates for musicians and share your tunes with the world.
- 8th Mar, 2019

Gutenberg WordPress Editor: What You Need to Know

The Gutenberg WordPress editor has become part of WordPress core. What is the Gutenberg WordPress Editor and what does that mean for you?
- 22nd Nov, 2018

10 Awesome WordPress Themes for Gamers

An awesome list of the best WordPress Themes for Gamers that are designed and developed for gaming magazines, blogs and review websites.
- 31st Oct, 2018

Top 10 WordPress Themes for Fitness Enthusiasts and Gym

These Fitness, Health and Gym WordPress themes are versatile and highly customizable so you can use to make your website stand out.
- 19th Sep, 2018