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Published 24th July 2019 by

Andalucia is a beautiful region in the far South of Spain with some of the best beaches and rolling hills on offer. We travelled around Andalucia along the Costa de la Luz to the Costa del Sol.

On this trip, we were primarily based in Gibraltar and all these sights are day trippable from there.

Costa de la Luz

Our first trip was to Zahara de Los Atunes, but first, we stopped off in Tarifa. Since we left Gibraltar early evening we headed out for some tapas and headed directly to our friend's favourite tapas bar, Mesón Picoteo. This is a small restaurant with excellent food and service. Tuna is a must-try local delicacy, as is all the fresh seafood. Arrive early to get a table, and during summer it's best to phone ahead and book a table as it gets very busy.

We then headed up to a campsite, Camping Bahía de la Plata, where we had booked a bungalow for a few nights. By the time we arrived and checked in we were ready for a few drinks and a good nights sleep.

Waking fresh the next morning we spent the day at the beach and chiringuito (beach bar) soaking up some of the warm Spanish sun. A completely different experience than we are used to in Scotland! We took extra care to stay protected from the sun - plenty of sunscreen, umbrellas and lots of water to drink (and some beers).

That evening we headed into Zahara town for an explore and to find some food. We came across a lovely seafood restaurant, Casa Juanito, for some more amazing food (there is a theme here!)

After we finished eating we headed back to the campsite and our bungalow, then decided to go back to the beach for a beer on the moonlit sands and cool down.

Moonlit Beach

Moonlit Beach

The next day we also spent on the beach, although it wasn't as sunny as the day before. We then headed back to Gibraltar stopping off at the viewpoint at Mirador del Estrecho for a view across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco.

Morocco from Spain

Morocco from Spain

While we were in Gibraltar, the fairground was also in La Línea de la Concepción, so we headed across to check it out. Lots of food and drink, fairground rides and a rather warm, but enjoyable, night.

Costa del Sol

Our next trip to Spain would involve the Costa del Sol and a trip to Estepona to see some more friends. We explored around the really beautiful town, had some more amazing food (the food in Spain is really good!)

The next day we headed back to Gibraltar to explore "The Rock".

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