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Published 20th May 2007 by

Japfest 2007 is one of the UK's largest gathering of Japanese Performance vehicles, and this year was set to be the biggest Japfest ever. There were plenty of high-performance cars on show, including Ten of the Best, Driftworks and loads of other power cars.

I have only previously been to one other Japfest in 2005, in which car clubs were the main emphasis, however this time it seemed to be more on the tuning companies and track shows. Not that I'm complaining mind you, we all love to see the Driftworks gang tearing up the tarmac!

A few spills this year, the first I saw was a Honda NSX spinning into the tyre wall then rolling over. Good job Honda's are safe as it was a fast impact. Car is a write-off but luckily the driver walked away seemingly uninjured.

Zen performance was looking very fast on track until the scooby engine blew up in flames, not sure what happened as we only saw the smoke. Everybody looked OK though which is the main thing. Only a few minutes after they had cleared that up another car decided to catch fire in exactly the same place - this time it was the Whifbitz RX7. Shortly after that, another one went up in the pit lane. We don't know what that was though, but I hear it may have been a Toyota Chaser.

Trade stands were packed all out, but I did get a load of Meguiars stuff and I managed to secure a VeilSide Titanium "Tear Drop" exhaust for my GTR as well as a VeilSide Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge to replace my faulty Blitz gauge. Now I have no money  :( 

With all this action going on, plus all the show cars I took over 900 photographs on the day, filling up four CF cards. Took all of Saturday evening and most of Sunday to process them!

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