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Published 21st August 2017 by

As another year passes by, it's time to reflect on the past 12 months and look ahead to what the next 12 months may have in store.

Moving House

I've reluctantly decided to leave my lovely cottage in Moffat and head for the city. Although living out in the countryside is where I wanted to be, and still do, Moffat is just too far away from the office in Glasgow and having to commute 2 hours each way every day is taking its toll on me. The train times are ridiculous, to say the least - the last train home is 8 pm, even on a Friday night. This makes it difficult to go out for a few drinks after work or engage in any social activities in Glasgow (guitar lessons, martial arts and dating to name a few).

In October, I moved to Hamilton, a small town just outside Glasgow which is a 30-minute commute, with trains every 30 minutes until 23:45. Even after then, there are taxis (a taxi to Moffat would have cost £180). I'm still on the outskirts away from the hubbub and in a top-floor flat, so it's not busy or noisy and I have a fantastic view out over to Ben Lomond in the far North, and across the Clyde Valley. I also have the Chatelherault Country Park nearby to escape to, not to mention over 100 restaurants with quick delivery on JustEAT, compared with the 0 in Moffat. That diet won't last long!

Chatelherault Country Park

Chatelherault Country Park


I have completed another year of my astronomy degree and finally completed enough modules to progress to the "second year" of study. Now I have more time in the evenings, I'm going to be studying two modules per year which should mean I complete the degree that much quicker.

I've also completed a few psychology and hypnosis courses this year, and I'm booked up for an NLP diploma next month which teaches how to communicate effectively and have the right impact, how to get the best out from relationships and drive my career forward, which should be great for self-improvement.

Got Fit

On the subject of self-improvement, I've been working hard again to get in shape and improve my fitness. I've continued dieting, running and strength training and I completed my first 10k challenge in July and I'm working on training for the next, hopefully, a half marathon.

Completed the Men&squo;s 10k in Glasgow

Completed the Men&squo;s 10k in Glasgow

Off on Holiday

Old map of Bristol

Old map of Bristol

While technically not the past 12 months, I have planned and booked up my first holiday abroad. In two weeks time, I'll be flying off to Iceland for 10 days and taking in the sights. I'll be hiking over the glaciers, climbing into a volcano, exploring the Snaefellsnes National Park and of course keeping an eye open for the Aurora Borealis.


I'm also in the process of taking my photography to the next level. I've been working on Shutterstock to provide stock photography and also working towards forming my own photography company. Stay tuned for updates!

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