Microsoft Windows is probably the most widely used operating system in the world among consumer PC users. These tutorials provide helpful tips in getting the most out of Windows and Windows software. Tips include fixing common annoyances and productivity tips.

Force Vista to Remember Folder Settings

Force pesky Windows Vista to remember folder settings once you have set them how you prefer, not how it thinks you should be viewing files.
- 12th Sep, 2008

Taming the ATi Catalyst Control Centre

ATi Catalyst Control Centre driver software is a resource hungry application to keep open all the time. Now I'm able to run it on demand.
- 30th Jul, 2008

Enable Remote Desktop Connections on Windows Vista Home

Remote Desktop on Windows Vista was intentionally disabled as part of the upgrade from Windows XP. Now only Vista Pro can remote desktop.
- 29th Jun, 2008

iTunes - Worst Software Ever Written?

Is iTunes the worst software ever written? I tried using it on Windows, heres what I found and some tips on how to get the most from iTunes.
- 27th Apr, 2008

24 Hours with Windows Vista (Update A Week Later)

I bought a new laptop the other day, an HP Pavilion tx1250 which came pre-loaded with Windows Vista. Let's see how good the new Windows is.
- 20th Aug, 2007