Raspberry Pi

There are so many things you can do with this amazing, tiny computer. Learn how to set up and configure the Raspberry Pi and use your tinkering skills to build some DIY projects.

Atari 2600 RetroPie Gaming Console Project Build

Converting an old, non-functioning Atari 2600 to a RetroPie Gaming Console using a Raspberry Pi micro controller and some nifty electronics.
- 17th Sep, 2018

Raspberry Pi Power Switch with PowerBlock

How to setup PetRockBlog's PowerBlock on a Raspberry Pi and add a simple hardware power switch to turn the Pi on and off and add power LED.
- 9th Sep, 2018

Raspberry Pi Time-lapse Videos with USB Webcam

How to build a Raspberry Pi Time-lapse camera to capture photos over an extended period of time and merge them into a timelapse video.
- 28th Jun, 2018

Bitcoin Mining with a Raspberry Pi

Have a spare Raspberry Pi and want to do some bitcoin mining? This guide will show you how to get started mining Bitcoins.
- 14th Jan, 2018

DIY Raspberry Pi UPS

Raspberry Pi's are vulnerable to power cuts which corrupt the SD card. Build a DIY Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect your Pi.
- 18th Dec, 2017

Building a Raspberry Pi Personal Cloud Server

This guide will show you how to create a Raspberry Pi Personal Cloud Server covering flashing Raspbian and securing your Pi server with SSL.
- 23rd Nov, 2017

How To Reformat SD Card to use it Normally

When using SD cards in a Raspberry Pi, the software will repartition the card in a way in prevents Windows from reading or formatting it. Here's how to fix that.
- 29th Jul, 2017

First Look at the RaspberryPi 3

Here is my first look at a Raspberry Pi, the inexpensive mini computer for everyone, which I will be using in some upcoming projects.
- 23rd Jul, 2017