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Around 1930, in a mine about 100 miles south-west of the Mexican city of Chihuahua, buried underneath a human skeleton a mysteriously deformed, smaller skeleton was discovered. Dubbed Starchild, this skull has some very abnormal features, not seen anywhere else.

Mexico, Peru and the Inca people have long produced strangely deformed skulls as the ancients practised the art of skull binding. This process creates a misshaping, flattened or elongated skull by tightly wrapping the skull of an infant. The wrapping is often done with rope or cloth, either by itself or against a wooden board.

Amateur anthropologist Lloyd Pye was first shown the Starchild skull by its owners in late February 1999. His initial reaction was some kind of rare genetic deformity, however, the skull has peculiar features, which are too perfect to be a genetic anomaly.

Examination of the Starchild Skull

Starchild skull

Starchild skull

Original Source Unknown

The skull is almost perfectly symmetrical, even more so than a human skull. All of the bones (most of which have human counter parts) are perfectly formed, but they are shaped differently.

Scientists and medical experts have investigated it and they all agree that it is a child's skull. Dental examination shows a lack of erupted adult teeth so the child was around four to five years old. The face is missing from the upper bridge of the nose to the foramen magnum (the hole where the spine enters the skull), but the cranium and most of both eye orbits (the external parts of the sockets) are intact.

After examination the cranial cavity was found to be excessively large, at 1600cc it is 200cc larger in volume than an adult skull. A 200cc increase in cranial capacity represents a potential increase in brain capacity. Homo sapiens have a 200cc larger capacity than their predecessor, which in turn has 200cc increase over its predecessor.

A CAT scan has shown that none of the sutures between the bones in the child's skull have sealed themselves off from further growth. Nearly all examples of congenital deformity exhibit some degree of premature sealing of cranial sutures. This makes it highly unlikely for the child's skull to be the result of deformity.

Other peculiar features of the Starchild skull include round, shallow eye sockets with the optic nerve channel at the base of the orbit, rather than the rear. There are no frontal sinuses and the back of the skull is flattened. The skull consists of calcium hydroxylapatite, which is the normal material of mammalian bone. Carbon dating has placed the skull at 900 years ± 40 years old. DNA testing has shown that the child was not only human (and male), but both of his parents must have been human as well, for each must have contributed one of the human sex chromosomes. Mitochondrial DNA from skull has shown that the child belongs to haplogroup C. Since mitochondrial DNA is inherited exclusively from the mother, it makes it possible to trace the offspring's maternal lineage.

Is the Starchild Skull and Alien Hybrid?

The Star Being Legends are well-known legends with roots spreading throughout Central and South America. In general, they state that on a regular basis "Star Beings" come down from the heavens and impregnate females in remote, isolated villages. These women carry their "star children" to term, then raise them to age six or so. At that point, the Star Beings return to collect their progeny and remove them to places, and for purposes, not clearly outlined in the legends. It has been suggested that improving a stagnated gene pool could be a motivation.

So did this child have a rare birth defect, or was it some kind of human/alien hybrid? Why are there no other skeletons like this?

An explanation?

So far, the best non-alien explanation for this skull is a condition known as hydrocephalus, or "water in the brain" in which fluid pressure causes individual skull bones to bulge outward.

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