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Published 9th March 2010 by

Our preparations for our epic Snowdon trek are going well, however, the enormity of what we are just about to do is beginning to sink in now. It's less than two weeks away and Snowdon is starting to look very big...

Our preparing for climbing is all set, bar the odd one or two items which got lost in the post. We have all the equipment and supplies we need, our fitness is as good as it can be and we have a plan.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been doing long walks in and around Somerset trying to cover as much steep terrain as possible. We are also walking 7-10 miles each time. I've been using a GPS logger to record routes and I've been able to create an elevation profile for the walk. This shows us how far, how high and the gradients climbed. Just out of curiosity I plotted Snowdon on the same scale as Cheddar.



This graphic really illustrates how big Snowdon is. Distance wise we're fine, elevation wise - oh dear!

Anyway, How hard can it be?

As long as the forecast isn't too bad, the plan is to travel to Llanberis on Friday 19th and evaluate the conditions. If they are good then we will climb on Saturday, taking the Pyg Track up and the Miners track back down. This is the shortest of the two planned routes, however, it is the more challenging. If the conditions are less than ideal then we may take the longer, but easier, Llanberis track up. At the summit, we will evaluate the conditions and decide on the best path down. If the weather turns we may come back on the Llanberis track. If the conditions are really bad we'll postpone to Sunday or the week after.

Stay tuned for updates.

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