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I've decided to put my Skyline into storage over winter, seems like a good idea given that the weather will be turning bad and I will be driving less now I have the Mercedes.

It's not that I don't want to drive in the bad weather, after all, I did use her every day last winter, even during the snow, but the risk of some other idiot doing something stupid is just too great (and lets face it there are lots of idiots on the roads). I will be using the Mercedes over winter until the weather gets better, so rather than being sat on the driveway exposed to the elements and rotting, she has been taken away to a specialist car storage firm where she will be kept in a purpose-built warehouse, dehumidified and parked up next to plenty of other lovely cars (Ford GT40, Aston Martins, classic Jaguars etc...)

Skyline Into Storage

Skyline Into Storage


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