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Published 27th June 2009 by

This afternoon I fitted my modified twin turbo pipe and a new set of air filters. Part 2 will cover the coolant and the oil when the rest of my parts arrive from Japan.

For now, I have just fitted the baffled twin turbo pipe and two new HKS Super Power Flow filters - see how dirty the old ones were! Absolute pain to fit as there are four not-easy-to-get-to bolts on each intake and I lost one nut! Luckily I found another that fits.

The twin turbo pipe is now all shiny and one of the next things I want to do is replace the existing black rubber intercooler pipes with some shiny aluminium hard pipes (Looking at Greddy at the moment). That will be a job for later in the summer.

Earlier in the week, I had a notification that my parts order from Japan has been dispatched. Winging its way over to me from Japan is a new Greddy aluminium radiator to replace the leaky standard one I have at the moment, a Greddy oil filter relocation kit so that I can replace the oil filter with my gammy wrist. Finally, I have an ARC titanium radiator cooling panel on its way - a nice piece of bling for the engine bay.

Skyline GTR Engine Bay

Skyline GTR Engine Bay

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