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Published 2nd July 2009 by

About a month and a half ago I ordered a load of shiny bits for my GTR. After weeks and weeks of waiting they have finally arrived!

All the parts were ordered from RHDJapan.com, unfortunately, the one of the parts was on back order which is why there was such a long wait for delivery. Dispatched from Tokyo on the 24th June, arrived in customs on the 25th and delivered to my door on the 2nd July. As soon as I opened the box I saw my new ARC titanium cooling panel looking back at me. This should help direct air through the radiator and make the radiator work more effectively.

The GREX Oil filter relocation kit was unpacked and placed individually so that it fits inside the box. After a few minutes of "lucky dip," I found all the parts that were hiding in the polystyrene noodles. This part will allow me to change the oil filter easily without having to use my gammy left wrist. Finally, lurking at the bottom of the box was the piece de resistance: My new shiny Greddy aluminium radiator. The standard plastic one has been leaking for the past few months so this one should not only provide better cooling but also keep the water inside the cooling system. It's also shiny!

Everything was packaged up nicely, even got a few sheets of a Japanese newspaper, however, there was a slight dent in the side of the radiator. It looks much worse in the picture for some reason. It just looks like the GREX block knocked the side of the radiator and bent a few of the fins. Doesn't look as if anything is broken and I'm sure the aluminium can be bent back into shape easily enough.

The next boxes contain my new HKS R-Type Intercooler and an HKS hard pipe kit which is a direct replacement for the standard one which was unfortunately damaged recently. This new intercooler is approximately the same size as the original but it should flow a bit better.

The hard pipe kit replaces the rubber intercooler pipes with polished aluminium pipes. This prevents the pipes from ballooning under high boost pressures which gives higher throttle response and turbo efficiency. These two items together should give a nice and responsive engine setup.


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