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Once WordPress has been installed, there are a few WordPress settings that you need to update before you make your site live - such as removing the "hello world" post and updating your blog description.
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If you followed our tutorial on Installing WordPress, or you have just installed WordPress yourself, there are a number of WordPress settings that you need to change before you start making your site your own.

Firstly, login to the administration page at yoursite.com/admin/.

In the General Settings page (Settings menu >General Settings) you will need to update the Blog Description from Just another WordPress site to something relevant to your website. It could be your company tagline or slogan, or a sentence about what your blog is about.

Next, you should update the date and time display format if those selected by default are not suitable for you.

WordPress general settings page

WordPress general settings page

On the Reading Settings page I like to set For each article in a feed, show to Summary which helps cut down on RSS feed scrapers duplicating your content.

Under the Permalinks menu, set the permalink structure to Post name, as this gives the best SEO links unless dates play an important part of your website in which case the day and name or month and name options may be a better fit for you.

Next head over to the Posts listing, and move the default "Hello World" post to the trash. This will also move the test comment to the trash as well. You can also empty the trash to clean up these entries.

Now that you have updated the default WordPress settings, you are now ready to install a theme, create a theme and install plugins.

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