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Published 17th November 2007 by

The Skyline must be feeling a little unwanted as I haven't driven her since my wrist operation in September. She has been treated to a full check over and service ready for winter at Abbey Motorsport. My brother-in-law was kind enough to drive us down and back over two weekends.

While she was at Abbey, I had new brakes fitted all round - DBA discs with Ferodo DS2500 pads on the front and standard GTR pads on the rear. I also had the brake lines replaced with Nismo braded lines for added braking efficiency - the GTR is a heavy car and needs all the stopping power it can get.

I have also finally had the exhaust gas temperature gauge replaced. The old one broke about 8 months ago, so now I am using the VeilSide gauge I purchased at Japfest 2007.

(Un)fortunately Abbey found the cause of my faulty boost gauge - the heater core was leaking coolant onto the electrics! This incurred extra cost as they had to dismantle the climate control to replace the entire heater matrix. While they were at it I asked for a full air conditioner service and recharge. I also had to have a new Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller fitted to replace the soggy old Blitz Dual SBC.

I have also fitted (myself) Piaa silicone windscreen wipers ready for winter and new Piaa Xtreme Cool Blue White Light headlights so I can see driving down the country lanes on my way home from work  ;) 

Now I have my GTR back on the road, I can start saving up for the next service!!!

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