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Published 27th November 2009 by

Improving my self-confidence has been the single biggest improvement I have made this year. Higher confidence has enabled me to grow out from my comfort zone, try new things and meet new people.

In the space of two weeks, I was able to drastically improve my self-confidence, to the point where close friends noticed a massive difference.

I was very meek, letting others take the lead, not going after what I want, waiting patiently for something good to happen to me, watching as others had all the fun. This all changed for me in two weeks, and it happened quite by accident.

One of the problems I identified on my five areas assessment was that my depression is partly caused by my inability to approach women and "chat them up". I am guessing that this stems from my autistic traits - I cannot perceive subtle communication such as body language, I cannot "read between the lines", I find social situations awkward and uncomfortable and so on. I've tried a few things over the past year to try and help with my relationship troubles (including going to bars and clubs with different friends, internet dating sites) but I have not any luck.

Looking around on the net I decided to try a "self-help" book about dating. Having read loads of reviews of loads of books they all promise the same things. In the end, I was drawn back to the first book I looked at - The Natural Art of Seduction by Richard La Ruina. I'm not going to go into details right here, but this book changed the way I think about myself and relationships.

Soon after I read this book I got another product, a self-hypnosis track called Approaching Confidence from PUA Training (authors company). After only one time using this product I was aware of my improved self-confidence. The very next day I was interacting with (and almost chatting up!) a complete stranger at my track day! The old me would never have done that!

After a week of listening to the hypnosis, my confidence was hugely improved, and not just approaching women. I went out with my brother in law, without telling him what I have done, and he noticed almost immediately. I confidently strode into Dominoes Pizza and placed my order, I walked up to the bar in the pub, attracted the attention of the bar maid and ordered drinks without queueing or waiting. I don't know how or why it happened, but people just moved out of the way allowed me to get to the bar. The barmaid came strait over to serve me.

Since then I have bought another book, this time by Paul McKenna together with another hypnosis CD, also by Paul McKenna.

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