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Published 18th May 2013 by

Time for a well earned holiday and a trip to Scotland to visit my brother in law at his new house visiting some of the local sights in an area of Scotland which I have not explored before.

Unfortunately, the weather was not the best, but we were able to have a few good days out in between the rainy days.

We had some fun shooting some tin cans with an air rifle at varying distances. I wasn't particularly good at this, but since I hadn't shot a rifle before I think I can be excused. Need more practice at this!. We also tried to make a slow motion video, however, the framerate on the camera wasn't great being only 60 fps but you can see the pellet deform the can!

On the one day with the great weather, we took the dogs out to the Mull of Galloway where they had great fun playing in the sea and running up and down the empty beaches. Taking the scenic route back to the house, we went through the Galloway Forest Park and along some forest tracks stopping in Girvan for Fish and Chips.

I also got some great photographs of Spud and Pip, two American Bulldogs, playing in the garden with a football and on the final day the weather brightened up a little and we went to Caerlaverock Castle after I got my ear pierced at Needleworks in Dumfries.

Shame the weather wasn't great, but that is standard for Scotland. Nonetheless, an enjoyable and relaxing holiday, and due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to stay a few extra days and fly back to Bristol, but I was treated to a nice aerial tour of Bristol as the plane circled around the city. Shame I could not video it as the weather and lighting was perfect! Next time I'll be better prepared  :) 

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