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I've been suffering from shin splits ever since I started running a year ago. It seems to be a persistent problem where after 2 weeks of running twice per week, about 3-4k distance each run, I then have to take a few weeks off to recover from shin splints.

Once I'm all nicely rested and healed, I'm starting back running a short distance, what feels like from the beginning again, and work up to longer distance when I'll get shin splints again. Whilst I have made improvements to my fitness and endurance, I wanted to analyse my running style ahead of my upcoming 10K race next month to prevent further injury.

The scenes in the video show my running style over typical terrain, and the thing which stood out the most was how much of a heel strike I have, and how hard my toes slap down on impact. Heel striking like this effectively puts the breaks on and the force of impacting the ground goes straight up my leg, into my knees and hips. Surely this cannot be good.

I'm going to try to land more mid-foot next time out, and see if that makes any difference. Any pro-runners offer any tips on how to retrain for better landings?

Also, it was apparent that I need a helmet cam with image stabilisation!!

Enjoy the video!

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