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The Ring O' Bells pub is one of the oldest buildings in Middleton, Manchester, and also claims to be one of the most haunted.

Historically the Ring O' Bells Pub is believed to date back to Saxon times, and legend has it that a Druidical temple stood at this spot in the Iron Age. During the Middle Ages, it was used be monks as a refectory for brewing ale.

Ring O&squo; Bells, Middleton

Ring O&squo; Bells, Middleton

What Pub

The Ring O' Bells Pub is said to be haunted by the spirit of a Sad Cavalier who has been nicknamed Edward. Edward has been seen by the landlord and his family, both inside and outside. The ghost can also be heard as footsteps, strange noises and has been known to place a hand on a person's shoulder - when they turned around there was nobody there. There is a recorded event that occurred in the cellar as a previous landlord was checking the barrels where a stone was thrown at him.

Edward is believed to be the son of Lord Stannycliffe in the 1600's. The Lord and his family were Royalists during the Civil War. Middleton was a strong Parliamentarian camp, although a small group of Royalists survived in the area, using the Ring o' Bells as a secret base. One day the Royalists were betrayed and as they escaped through tunnels leading to the nearby church they were massacred. It is said that he was buried in the cellar, although many artefacts have turned up, there have been no human remains found.

One of the rooms over the cellar is said to be where the Cavaliers plotted against the might of Cromwell's Model Army.

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