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Published 28th September 2009 by

I had one of my unnerving recurring dreams last night. One of those that are seemingly normal but really disturb me, and I don't know why it does.

I was living back in my old house, the one I was in about 10 years ago. I was asleep in my bedroom when I hear some noise outside. Waking up I rush to the window to look out. There is a car (purple Fiat Cinquecento I think) on the road stuck in the mud. Having been sliding around in the mud it was facing towards the house opposite us and the fence and trees. The car is frantically wheel spinning and churning up loads and loads of mud and eventually, the car shoots forward into the fence and trees. It then regains proper control and races away down the street.

With all the noise outside, the neighbours all come out to see what is going on. As I come out the front door I see the back of my Skyline totally smashed in. Apparently, the fence wasn't the first thing that the car crashed into. Absolutely fuming, furious and livid I asked around all the neighbours if they saw or heard something, knew the driver or anything. None of them did. I knocked on doors of houses all down the street asking the same questions.

When I got back to my house there was a beautiful redhead in a red polka dot dress waiting for me. She didn't know anything about the incidents earlier but wanted to help. She took me into her arms and held me. This made everything instantly feel better, a bit like an epiphany. All my problems vanished and I was happy, clear minded and safe, nothing could hurt me and I was on top of the world, despite my car being wrecked.

The disturbing this is that I cannot see her face, and holding her was like holding air - I could not feel her body or her arms or any part of her, just a little warmth, but the emotional feeling was like an epiphany - total clarity and understanding of everything. It's not the first time I've dreamt of this.

I went back inside the house and got changed into some smart clothes. I then left the house and crossed the road to the house next door to the house opposite. There had been no answer earlier so I tried again. The couple in this house hadn't heard anything but suggested that I try next door. When I rang the bell at this house a beautiful brunette answered. Again I could not see her face, not because it was obscured, I just cannot see or perceive her. She invited me in, but as I entered the house everything suddenly I had this feeling that she was my long-standing girlfriend. We were getting ready to go out for a meal. She walked through to the back of the house and I followed her, but as I entered the room she walked in I suddenly found myself walking in on her taking a shower. Aware that we had only just met, I covered my eyes looked away and apologised for walking in on her. She turned to me and said not to worry about it - we are a couple. Kind of weird!

We left the house through the back door, which leads to the back of the house next door which I had previously knocked on. As it turned out the two houses are connected and the house next door is occupied by her parents. As we left they asked if I had found what I was looking for - indeed I had.

The next few bits I can't seem to remember, but walking back from the restaurant we suddenly acquired a puppy from nowhere. It had no lead so she sent me into a pet shop to buy one. Another bit I don't remember, and we were back home (at hers). She tells me that she has found the person who hit my car and that he is on his way over.

Stepping outside again and walking towards my wrecked car the neighbours all come out again; in fact, most of the street comes out. In the crowd, I spot an old friend from school. We were good buddies back in the day but went our different ways after we finished A levels. Anyway, it was good to see him again. I explained what was going on and that I was feeling very angry at the moment. I told one of the people that came out that they should call the police because when this guy shows up I'm going to seriously injure him. They turn up in a van almost immediately, and then my friend turns to me and says "it was me". At this point the crowd it shouting "kill him!", but quietly and calmly, I grab him by the scruff of his neck, raise him off the ground and asked him to repeat what he just said. "It was me... I did it". With this the crowd is in an uproar, almost like a gladiatorial game, the police don't seem to care what I do. Still holding him in the air, I turned to one of the police officers and handed him over, at which point he was handcuffed and bundled into the back of the van.

At this point, I was woken by two cats fighting in the garden.

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