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Published 28th August 2013 by

On my annual holiday trip to Scotland visiting my brother in law, we did some shopping and got some new toys to play with!

We started off by thinking that it would be a good idea to get a model radio control aeroplane that we could fly in the fields backing onto the cottage. We found a model shop in Dumfries and having spoken with the owner about various models I bought a beginners RC Aeroplane glider for us to assemble and fly.

SkySurfer model RC glider

SkySurfer model RC glider

Assembly was easy and everything went together correctly, the weather was good and we were feeling hopeful as we headed out to the field to start flying.

SkySurfer model RC glider

SkySurfer model RC glider

At least we had an afternoon's entertainment out of it, and I have some servos, motor, transmitter and receiver for some other project. Packaging was a little expensive though!

With the glider out of action, we turned to Rob's nitro powered truck which needed a bit of restoration but once the glow plug had been replaced and the carb tuned we headed down to the beach to have a play.

And of course, the dogs came out for a play on the beach as well!

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