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Published 11th December 2017 by

Believe it or not but 2018 will be my 17th year writing on the internet. In that time I've seen blogs come and go, technology change, new platforms, old platforms, the dot-com boom and bust. I've weathered it all, but is it now time for my dot-com bubble to burst?

I first got online with a free website host (which has since disappeared into the depths of the ethernet) with the simple aim of sharing some programming code between college friends. This grew into a basic tutorial site as I helped my friends develop their programming knowledge. When I got my first car, I wrote a few guides on how to replace the speakers and radio, since these were complex tasks and no other guides were around.

Fast forward to now and that free site has evolved into 6 dedicated websites and a further 4 niche sites covering my hobbies from Astronomy to Photography, Paranormal to Design. In total, I have written over 1,300 articles and tutorials, 70 galleries and over 4,500 photos.

This all sounds very successful, so why would I want to quit blogging?

It all comes down to the time-effort-money triangle. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce this content by myself, and even more time promoting this content and attracting visitors to my sites, and the rewards is getting less and less. At the end of the day, it's becoming increasingly difficult to drive traffic to my sites, the month on month hits are going down and as a result, the small amount of ad revenue I get is also going down. It's very difficut to get social shares and likes or comments on posts. The problem isn't helped by the sheer quantity of content scrapers stealing my articles and photos and the constant bombardment of spam.

Due to the sheer number of websites on the internet these days it's becoming increasingly difficult to get organic traffic from Google and the few folk I do get visiting my site are not sharing on social media or engaging. I'm stuck in a catch-22 situation - I can't get the social shares because nobody visits my site, and nobody visits my site because it's not shared in social media.

I'm not running these sites to make a profit, in fact since I registered my first domain name I've been making a loss, and all my articles and tutorials are provided free of charge. Annual hosting costs and domain name fees alone cost more than I spend on annual car insurance and vehicle tax combined.

So now I have a choice, either spend a load of money getting an expert in to help drive quality traffic and hope I can increase revenues enough to cover the time and effort I put into my sites, or quit blogging, close my sites forever and sell off the domain names. It'll be a tough choice, but I can't continue putting so much time and effort into them and not get anything back.

Have you been through this dilemma? What would you do in this situation? Have you any suggestions how to improve my sites? Please let me know in the comments below.
4 thoughts on “Why I May Quit Blogging in 2018
  • 8th January 2018 at 12:00 am

    hi man first time found your web.I just want to say you are so cool!!! Great work!!! This web is a great show! And a great idea: people of different interests find one of your webs then they will find all of you.

    I think maybe you can extension this idea. Image 1000 people like you ! That's will be a new type of blog ! It will get network organizations, 500 people get TECHNOLOGY, 300 get PHOTOGRAPHY ...blogs will be organizes by topics. everyone get a few topics which are their hobby, and each topic will get stronger!

    Hope you can get through this difficult time. Support from China

  • 20th December 2017 at 12:00 am

    I agree with Norm, if you enjoy learning and sharing content then keep it up. You are a good teacher I've learned a lot from your astronomy tutorials, thank you.

  • 12th December 2017 at 12:00 am

    Hell no, i just found your website and it has already provided me more info on mining in eve then i could have ever asked for. i will also look at your photography tutorials as well, i did not even know you had them. if you decide to go, at least leave this here for people to learn.

  • 11th December 2017 at 12:00 am

    Keep it up for the joy of learning & sharing. Unfortunately I don't know enough about social media to help you market your site.


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