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Published 26th February 2010 by

I've been behind a camera for many years now photographing landscapes, wildlife and vehicles, but I have never really taken any pictures specifically of people before. It's something that I have been wanting to do for a while and I have just completed my first photo session with a model!

Because I have never done anything like this before I took a portrait course from Mango Photography under the expert tutelage of Chris Williams. Our model for the day was the beautiful Nina.

The day started with an introductory presentation covering the basics including colour spaces, lenses, flash, triggers and equipment and so on. Nina arrived shortly after and we set about playing with the studio lighting and reflectors, different flash combinations, gels and backlighting. We then headed into the centre of Bristol for lunch in the Pitcher and Piano, followed by another photo shoot in the bar. After playing with the reflections in the polished bar, and the atmospheric lighting, we headed outside for some adventurous outdoors shoots.

I found the whole day very worthwhile; I learned a great deal from the course and I was exceptionally pleased with my results. I also thoroughly the day and I hope to do some more very soon! Need to get some more equipment for myself first!

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