Photography is inspiring in many ways. It can help designers better appreciate colours and tones, it can inspire other photographers, and it can be an inspiration to all about the beauty of this world. Whether you are seeking inspiration for a new photography project or looking to try something new or different, you're sure to find something inspiring in this collection of ideas.

10 Essential Wildlife Photography Tips for Stunning Results

10 essential wildlife photography tips that will help you get started, enhance your wildlife photography skills and get stunning results.
- 22nd Aug, 2021

How to Photograph Fungi and Mushrooms in the Wild

Improve your skills to photograph fungi with this guide loaded with tips, techniques and advice for fantastic photos of mushrooms and fungi.
- 27th May, 2020

How to Photograph Butterflies

Exquisitely beautiful, the butterfly is one of our most treasured insects. We guide you through the process to photograph butterflies.
- 22nd Jun, 2019

10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be a Photographer

We all enjoy photography or we wouldn't be here, but here are 10 really good reasons why photography is such a great hobby.
- 25th Feb, 2019

Atmospheric Optics - Rainbows, Sundogs, Glories and Optical Effects

We take a look at Atmospheric Optics - Rainbows, Sundogs, and Glories and other optical effects which we can observe and photograph.
- 18th Sep, 2018

Patterns In Nature: The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical sequence which is echoed in nature and it is a fascinating subject for photographic exploration.
- 24th Oct, 2017

How To Photograph Star Trails

How to photograph star trails created by taking a long exposure while the Earth's rotation makes the star travel across the sky.
- 1st May, 2009