Science has failed to explain such phenomena as ghosts, past life experiences, curses and psychic premonitions. In the world of the paranormal, anything is possible...

Haunting of The Tron Theatre and Hellfire Club in Glasgow

Tron Theatre Glasgow has a colourful past. It's been a meeting hall, place of execution, a police station and used by the Hellfire club.
- 1st Dec, 2017

The Haunted Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow

The hotel in Glasgow has been the subject of many past ghostly sightings and activity and overlooks Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis.
- 11th Jun, 2017

Goodrich Castle History and Haunted Stories

Goodrich Castle is a beautiful Medieval castle that's worth an afternoon's visit. It's also reportedly haunted by ghosts from the civil war.
- 31st Mar, 2017

History and Haunting of Tewkesbury Battlefield

Tewkesbury Battlefield is the scene of one of the bloodiest battles in the War of the Roses and is haunted by those who died in battle.
- 24th Aug, 2016

Hermitage Castle - Scotland's Fortress Of Nightmares

Hermitage Castle is one of the creepiest locations I have visited. Its malevolent ambience a testament to the evil that took place here.
- 17th Jan, 2016

Avro Lincoln RF398 in RAF Museum Cosford

The WW2 Era Avro Lincoln RF398 bomber is said to be haunted by an unknown ghost who has saved workers from serious injury.
- 31st Dec, 2015

The Tale of the Hanbury Hall Ghost of Lost Love

Hanbury Hall is a large 18th-century stately home in parkland at Hanbury, Worcestershire and is said to be haunted by spirit of Emma Vernon.
- 10th Aug, 2015

Haunting of Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms

Beneath the streets of Westminster in London lies a vast labyrinth of rooms and passages which was the war time hub of the British defence.
- 11th Feb, 2014

History and Haunting of the SS Great Britain

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and built in Bristol, the SS Great Britain is said to be haunted by the spirit Captain Gray.
- 5th Feb, 2014

The Flying Dutchman - The Most Famous Ghost Ship

Flying Dutchman is the famous ghost ship cursed to roam the seas endlessly and strikes terror into the hearts of sailors who have seen it.
- 13th Jan, 2014