Conspiracy Theories

A conspiracy theory is an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable.

Agenda 21 and the United Nations New World Order

The UN Agenda 21 (now Agenda 30) is a scary plan for radical changes involving "Sustainable Development" and a "Single World Government".
- 11th Aug, 2015

Agenda 30 - You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy

Initially part of the Great Reset and Agenda 21, this is no longer a conspiracy theory but an actual plan from the WEF. Its not even secret.
- 20th Nov, 2014

Are Conspiracy Theories Destroying Democracy?

We have conspiracy theories because sometimes governments and organisations do conspire. But are conspiracy theories destroying democracy?
- 23rd Oct, 2013

Were J.R.R. Tolkien And C.S. Lewis Occultists?

According to conspiracy theorists, Tolkien and CS Lewis could be occultists given the number of references to occultism in their writings.
- 30th Oct, 2012

Where has our Technology come from?

A hypothetical look at where our technology came from and what triggered the huge technological leaps we saw in the 20th century.
- 9th Sep, 2008

Flat Earthers

Flat Earthers are the people who still don't believe that the earth's round, despite all the available evidence to the contrary.
- 4th Aug, 2008

Majestic 12 Papers And The Ultra Secret Government

A UFO researcher received a mysterious package of Majestic 12 papers which appeared to be a top secret briefing prepared for Eisenhower.
- 21st Dec, 2007

Area 51 and the Aliens - Conspiracy Theories, UFO's and Cover Ups

Area 51 is a top secret USAF base officially called Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3, located in a remote part of southern Nevada.
- 21st Dec, 2007