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Published 12th May 2009 by

While browsing the net for parts to buy I found a website selling second-hand Japanese performance parts and they had a really great looking Nismo strut brace with built-in brake cylinder stopper.

Jap Performance Parts sell second hand tuning parts for most Japanese performance cars and I quickly snapped up this gem.

For those that don't know, Nismo is the motorsport and performance division of Nissan and they make some top quality products, usually very expensive as well.

This strut brace is a solid one-piece non-adjustable brace, so I was a little nervous about fitting it. Since the brace is designed for an R33 shell with no adjustments, if my car had been in a smash the front struts may be slightly out of alignment and the brace won't fit. To my relief, the brace dropped striate onto the suspension struts without any effort at all proving that my car is straight and not been in any accident. This brace replaces the standard Skyline strut brace, which looks a little flimsy compared with this solid brace.

The brake cylinder stopper prevents the brake master cylinder from moving under heavy braking, which results in a more positive feel to the brake pedal and a slightly better braking performance.

The brace was a little dirty when it was delivered, but it soon polished up before I fitted it and is now the shiniest thing in my engine bay. Better get polishing everything else!

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