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Published 20th October 2014 by

While calling into ASDA superstore just outside Edinburgh to get some tea on my way home from work, I exited the store only to find my motorcycle stolen from right outside the door!!!

I had parked right outside the entrance to the store, where I could see around 5 CCTV cameras. I'd locked the steering, but since I was only going to be a few minutes I didn't put the disc lock on. I'd never thought that a motorcycle can be stolen in broad daylight outside a busy shopping centre in such a short time.

I had a call a few days later from the Police stating that they had recovered it and that my insurance company had uplifted it and transferred to their workshops for assessment prior to returning it to me. They also said there was some damage, but they had no details on what the damage is. Presumably, the steering lock has been busted.

Update: Turns out there was more damage than expected. The panniers had gone, the steering lock and fuel cap locks were destroyed, the engine bars were scuffed, one of the tanks was scuffed, the rear brakes didn't work and the screen was scratched up. All of this was covered under insurance, but it would have been cheaper to just write it off! Anyway, a few weeks time I'll have her back on the road again.

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