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Published 15th September 2007 by

It has been a while since I have done any astrophotography, mainly due to all the clouds and lack of a summer this year!

But anyway last night was a surprisingly good night. For some reason, the sky was particularly clear and dark, and I could even just about make out the summer milky way in the sky! That was the first time I have seen it!!!

M31 was my target for the night, so I set about looking for it - and there it was! Visible by averted vision!!! The skies where I live are usually very light polluted which make finding DSO's difficult, let alone imaging them.

These images were taken with my unmodified 350d mounted on an HEQ5 with a 70-300mm IS lens. The mount was not accurately polar aligned due to a tree being in front of Polaris. I used the drift method, which was good for 45-second exposures, however, I used 30-second exposures because I broke my remote switch and couldn't use the bulb setting. This image of M31 was created using 15x30 second exposures aligned and stacked with Photoshop.

The Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy

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