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Published 9th January 2012 by

After nearly 9 years working at Alexandra in Thornbury, I shall be leaving the company January 31st along with all my friends and colleagues in IT, distribution, credit control, finance and purchasing who were unfortunately made redundant. We shall all be leaving at the end of Jan.

While my friends have all been given redundancy, I was taken out of the redundancy process as my skills as a web developer were needed for the future of the company. It wasn't long however until I heard rumours of outsourcing, and not long before Christmas it was made official - the Alexandra website is being outsourced to another company. So where does that leave me? Sat at a desk twiddling my thumbs waiting for another round of redundancies? I've decided not to hand around and wait for the inevitable and so I've decided to leave. It's a shame because things were starting to look good for the company, but there have been a number of (in my personal opinion) very bad management decisions recently which I do not agree with.

There are going to be a lot of people that I am going to miss, some that I have only just met and others that I have known from the start.



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