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Published 28th July 2013 by

After several years of gentle nagging by my Land Rover obsessed brother in law, I finally gave in and decided to get one of my own. After a day looking around, he found me this lovely example which I have just bought!

I needed a new vehicle to replace my BMW which is heavy on fuel, expensive to insure and with it being an excellent example of the classic E30 318is (baby M3) model I think it's better to store off road in a secure location.

This is my 2006 Land Rover Defender 90 County Station Wagon in Zermatt Silver. There is a bit of rust on the side steps, and a bit of plastic is missing from the bumper. That's pretty much all we could find wrong with her - not bad for a Land Rover!

She is in desperate need of a service as the oil hasn't been changed in a long time, and I'll have her in for a full service, complete fluid change, grease and an inspection, that way I know exactly when everything is done and needs doing again.

Land Rover Defender 90

Land Rover Defender 90

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