King Midas and the Donkey Ears

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You would think after his bout with the golden touch that perhaps King Midas would have acquired a little common sense.

King Midas and the Donkey Ears

Pan, the shepherd God, once challenged Apollo to a musical fight a long time ago. Pan believed that his reed flute could generate a more beautiful melody than Apollo's ridiculous harp. The two decided on a competition with judges. King Midas was one of the judges.

All except one of the judges voted Apollo as the winner after hearing the two melodies. Yet, one judge, King Midas, enjoyed Pan's song.

Apollo was enraged that anyone would prefer a reedy pipe over his musical lyre "I see the issue. It's due to your ears. They can't hear well since they're too little. Let me take care of things for you."

King Midas' ears twitched. His ears sprang out, and out, until they became the big furry ears of an ass. King Midas was shocked. He snatched his ears. "Pan, please help me!" he pleaded. Pan, though, turned his back on Apollo after a fleeting anxious glance.

King Midas tried to conceal his ears from his subjects by donning a plethora of enormous hats, hefty helmets, and cumbersome scarves. His barber was the only person who saw his ears. King Midas made his barber vow not to tell anyone.

His barber honoured his promise. Yet, keeping such a big secret to himself was driving him insane. Finally, the barber climbed a mountain and nearly reached the edge of a cliff. He dug a tunnel through some reeds. He looked around, making sure no one was nearby. Then he said into the hole, "King Midas has asses ears. King's aaaass ears! King's aaaass ears!" He felt much better after getting his secret off his chest. He returned home, confident that he had kept his promise.

Sadly, for King Midas, the barber had dug right into a piece of Echo. Echo fragments were dispersed over the mountainous kingdom. Echo's fragments of Echo were found all over the world.

Although I imagine some people might assume it was merely the sound of the wind in the reeds, it was truly a bit of Echo, murmuring again and over, "King's aaaass ears, king's aaaass ears".

Even whispers travel well in the mountains. It didn't take long for the entire kingdom to learn the king's secret.


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