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Published 21st September 2008 by

I tried out some new techniques with my camera while taking these pictures of my new Katana.

The sword is hand forged and folded from 1060 carbon steel by a master sword smith and is razor sharp. I now have two katana, a wakizashi (short sword), a tanto (dagger) and two medieval broadswords.

As for the photography, I was experimenting with off-camera wireless flash in order to bounce light off the hamon (the temper pattern along the blade edge) which I think I captured quite well, although it is difficult to judge exposure with the black and high polished silver. I think I got the right balance in the end.

I have been meaning to take these pictures for a while now, and reading the excellent article about sword photography I was inspired to get out there and actually do it.

So how did I do?

My Katana

My Katana

My Katana

My Katana

One thought on “My New Katana
  • 28th July 2009 at 12:00 am

    Hey Tim, jus stumbled across your blog and was quite amazed, what an interesting guy! i love your pictures of your new katana i was wondering whereyou got it from and how much you paid as i am wanting to start a collection myself i have one katana at the moment......please write back and i he this can be the start of a good online friendship!
    Many thanks



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