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Published 18th May 2008 by

On Saturday 17th May 2008 over 2000 Japanese performance cars descended on the small Wiltshire village of Castle Combe to take part in the annual Japfest show hosted on the circuit.

As well as club stands from every major owner's club, there were stands from some of the top tuners and trade stalls with lots of shiny bits to buy.

Although the skies were overcast (and very dark at times) the weather stayed dry and we had a great day, although it wasn't as good as previous years. Driftworks put on two drifting demonstrations, most of the owner's clubs had track times and thankfully there was nowhere near as many accidents this year as last.

During the day I managed to take over 1630 photos filling 2x 2GB compact flash cards and a 1GB card shooting in JPEG format, I have since whittled that down to 124 pictures which you can see in my Japfest 2007 gallery.

You can also see my Japfest pictures from previous years: Japfest 2007 and Japfest 2005

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