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Published 20th July 1999 by

Here are some photos from my trip to Italy in 1999. Having just completed my A-Levels I was offered a position on the trip as support staff, helping to look after year 9 and 10 students.

We took the coach from the School, over the English channel on a ferry, through France and into Italy where we stayed in a town called Montecatini in the Tuscany region.

Ponte Vecchio, over the Arno river

Ponte Vecchio, over the Arno river

After arriving and unpacking we had a tour of the town, including riding the funicular railway to Montecatini Alto.

The next day we headed to Florence for a tour around the historic town.

The next day we saw Pisa and had a chance to catch some sun at Marina di Pisa.

On the final day we had a more relaxed tour of Montecatini on foot with time for shopping and a trip to the spa.

On the journey back, we headed through Milan to Lake Como for lunch, before heading home through Switzerland and back up through France.

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