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Published 11th July 2009 by

Today, my brother-in-law and myself dismantled the front half of my GTR to fit a new intercooler, radiator and hard pipe kit.

We fitted the Greddy aluminium radiator that arrived from Japan a few weeks ago as well as an HKS intercooler and half pipe kit ordered earlier in the week.

The radiator was a direct swap - just drain, unplug, remove, fit new, plug in, refill. Nice and easy.

The intercooler required the bumper and bumper support bar to be removed, which also required removal of the undertray and the wheel arch liner. Once they were off the rest was pretty straight forward remove the old, replace with the new.

Between the two of us the whole job took around 6 hours on the driveway. Thankfully the weather stayed good for us all day.

Compare the HKS R-Type Intercooler with the standard Nissan R33 GTR Intercooler - quite a difference in size!

Compare stock intercooler (lower) with HKS upgraded (top)

Compare stock intercooler (lower) with HKS upgraded (top)

With this and the baffled twin turbo pipe she is a lot more responsive on the throttle, more torque and a bit more power.

I've still got loads more parts to fit at some point:

  • GREX Oil Filter Relocation Kit
  • ARC Titanium Cooling Panel
  • Grounding Kit
  • PIAA Wiper blades + screen wash

I'm planning to go down to Abbey Motorsport in September for an MOT and to have the car rolling roaded to make sure that the engine tune is still spot on. I think that maybe the fuelling may need to be adjusted, but that should be doable with just a fuel pressure regulator.

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