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The city of Gilneas once lived in uneasy peace with the sprawling, ancient forest that looms beyond its walls. Though the wilderness was grim and forbidding, the citizens of Gilneas-being no ordinary folks-roved and hunted there without fear. That was before a darkness began to fester in the heart of the forest...

The Witchwood marks the start of the Year of the Raven and will introduce 135 cards with several new card types that introduce interesting styles of play. And like the last two content additions, players will get solo content for free. Each of the game's nine heroes are getting their own exclusive cards as always, with the remainder distributed into the Neutral pool of cards. Each hero is also getting two Legendary cards to play around with - the standard distribution these days.

Hearthstone - The Witchwood

Hearthstone - The Witchwood

As in every expansion, the set's big additions are the new card types. The first, Echo, allows you to play as many copies of a card as you have the mana for. In their example, the Hearthstone team presented a 3-mana minion with the ability, which would make it useful later in the game, allowing you to drop an extra one on turn six or two on turn nine. The second new card type, Rush, allows minions to attack on the same turn, like the existing ability Charge, but only other minions. Finally, there are some Worgen cards that shift while they're in your hand.

In the Hearthstone team's adorable lost-in-the-woods promo video, they also showed off a couple of the new legendary-rarity cards that promote innovative deck archetypes. One reduces your hero power to cost one mana if you've only included even-numbered cost cards in your deck, while another upgrades your heroic ability if you've only got odd-priced ones.

Last year's Dungeon Run saw players digging deep underground to deal with a series of boss encounters in a roguelike single-player mode for Hearthstone.

This kind of content is coming back with The Witchwood, and will do so in the form of Monster Hunt. In this new adventure you'll first pick one of four unique explorers, then head into the woods to deal with a series of monsters, expanding and improving your deck as you go.

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