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Published 17th September 2012 by

Three days after getting my new bike, some stupid woman driver goes straight up the back of it at a T junction - the excuse? SMIDSY!

As I was stopped at the junction between B3105 and B3107 indicating a left turn making observations before pulling away, I was hit from behind by a driver who "didn't see me".

No damage to the car, but there was substantial damage to my Midnight Star. Luckily it is all cosmetic and hasn't damaged the frame. The metal rear fender has been bent and buckled, the support arms (which hold the rear fender and saddlebag support frame) are bent, the lights are smashed and there are scuffs on the leather covering the left pannier.

Luckily, due in part to the weight of the bike, she did not go down and even more luckily there was nothing coming. Time to get some loud pipes.

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