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Published 27th September 2014 by

Have you ever noticed that some riders have a small bell hanging off their motorcycle frame or handlebars? Have you wondered what the purpose is? Well, you have come to the right place.

That little bell is more than decoration, it serves a very important purpose - it wards off Gremlins, also known as Evil Road Spirits.

You see, there are road Gremlins that LOVE to ride, but they are also mischievous little devils and they cause all sorts of problems for you while you are riding. Some say they are responsible for that old lady in her car not seeing you and pulling out in front of you. Or, you may be having trouble shifting smoothly, your battery goes dead, your turn signal suddenly refuses to work, an oil spill appears out of nowhere, you hit a patch of black ice or bash over a deep pot-hole jarring your back and damaging your pride & joy etc - you get the idea!

These little Gremlins look for trouble and try to steer your bike towards it. Now, once you get a bell on your ride - it helps to ward off these attacks from the little Gremlins, not allowing any more to get onto your ride.

If you already have some Gremlins riding with you, they will get trapped in the hollow of the bell and the constant ringing will drive them insane - causing them to lose their grip and fall to the roadside.

The best place to hang your Bell is as close to the ground as possible behind the front wheel. You see, the Gremlins jump onto the front tyre as you are moving and then proceed to move around your bike looking for ways to cause a nuisance but if you have a Gremlin Bell fitted they are magically drawn into the hollow of the bell and the ringing drives them mad - simple! Some guys have even fitted a Bell to their cars - I have!

Do you have the protection of a Gremlin Bell?

If you buy a Gremlin Bell for yourself, the power works but if you receive the Bell as a gift - the powerful magic of the Bell is doubled!

Therefore, do you have a friend who does not have a Gremlin Bell yet? Why not be the person to give them one, they'll Thank You! The Bell will help eliminate the Road Gremlins and help to keep the rider safe from harm.

If you already have a Bell on your ride and things aren't going right for you, then a Gremlin may be trapped in it! Therefore, take the Bell off, crush it (to ensure the Gremlin stays in the Bell) and throw it away. Fit a new Bell ASAP.

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