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Published 9th August 2009 by

Finally got round to the long overdue oil change. I'd been putting it off because of the weather or more important parts (leaky radiator and holed intercooler) but finally fitted the Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit.

The oil filter on the RB26DETT engine is located underneath the intake plenum, in between a jumble of cables and pipes. It's also quite close to the inner wing, which makes it very difficult to get in and remove, especially when it has been over tightened on the last service. The only way you can really unscrew it is to reach in with your left hand and twist.

Unfortunately, my left wrist is significantly weaker than most due to the injuries I sustained a few years ago in a car crash. This means that I cannot undo the filter without a lot of help.

My brother in law and myself fitted a Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit which will make oil changes much easier for me. This is a simple modification which places a block on the engine connect via two hoses to another block into which the filter attaches. This second block can be mounted in the engine bay where it is much more accessible.

These pictures show the location of the filter (the blue cylinder above the + and to the left of the orange dip stick) on the standard engine. The second picture shows my brother in law demonstrating removal of the standard filter and the final picture shows the relocation kit installed and the new home of the oil filter next to the washer bottle. So much easier to change!

2 thoughts on “Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit
  • 24th February 2016 at 12:00 am

    In my rb26 ordered car, the stock filter location and orientation results in oil spillage every time you change the filter, and it finds down the mount and all over the front differential. The design is not well thought out IMHO. I use a sandwich plate between filter and the OEM oil heater, and then plumbed to an oil cooler located in the space just ahead of the front left tire well. Oil still spills silk over the front diff every filter change. This week I am going to investigate relocating the filter to somewhere accessible from under the car, with the filter mounted from underneath the remote plate. It seems this would result in much less spillage onto the car. I will keep you posted.

  • 13th August 2009 at 12:00 am

    We ripped the relocation kit off the other night because it was leaking oil at high pressure and managed to blow the o-ring due to the filter not sealing properly. New filter is back on the engine block and I'll get a different tool to assist with removal instead.

    £50 of oil wasted  :( 
    The Greddy/Grex oil filter relocation kit is NOT compatible with standard Nissan oil filters. Also, because of the design oil will leak out of the filter every time you change it. Not recommended.


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