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Published 8th October 2009 by

Another strange dream last night, again revolving around a woman I cannot see or touch but makes me feel good.

Most of this dream is quite patchy, I can't remember all of it, but it starts out with me and a few friends, but they are unknown to me. I feel that they are friends, but I cannot see their faces. It's not that they don't have a face, or they have something covering their face, I just see it, or maybe I just don't notice.

Anyway, it's a Christmas party in some club-type venue. There are a lot of sofa chairs around the outside, each with a table. The sofas are arranged so that you have two sofas to one table, one either side. We are sat around one table. My friends seem to be getting in and out to dance and play pool (there are pool tables by the sofas and a stage with dancing girls at the far side). I'm sat next to somebody on my left (male), another to my right and a female friend on his right. I get the sense that I am good friends with the woman.

During this time we are drinking (for some reason the glass is never empty despite drinking. Nobody fills it, it just does not ever get empty) somebody knocks a glass over which spills onto the table and over my lap. Then everybody starts gathering around trying to find a towel or tissues to mop up the mess, and they all go off looking. This leaves just me and the girl together. She starts explaining to me that she has been interested in me for a long time but never had the courage to say anything until recently. She has been waiting for the right time, and this seemed like it. I move closer to her (at this point I was still sat with the space for the person who just left) and she pulls me in closer still, to the point where we are cuddling. As with previous dreams, I cannot feel her touch or presence, just a little warmth on my body. I still cannot perceive her face, but get a great sense of well-being and happiness from being close to her.

She wants to dance, but I can't because I have wet trousers. She looks down and tells me that they are dry now, so we go to the dance floor hand in hand and dance to Glen Millers Moonlight Serenade.

I woke up shortly after the dance ended and we were getting our coats.

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