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Published 28th September 2011 by

I've finally completed all four (4!) parts of the bike test, passed MOD 2 test first time, and given a full motorbike licence!

The motorbike licence starts with the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) which allows you to ride a learner legal 125cc bike with L plates. This is followed by a theory test, Module 1 and finally the Module 2 on road test.

The test started in the test centre and I was instructed that the first part of the test would be the independent riding. Follow the signs for Yeovil A37 and Bath A4. Nice little jolly down the ring road then! At Longwell Green, new instructions came in to follow signs to Willsbridge A431. Whilst riding through Longwell Green the instruction came through "the independent riding was now over. Please turn right at the next roundabout." On this road I was asked to pull in and do a hill start, pull in and pull away again and do a diagonal pull away from behind a car. Then I was asked to proceed into Hanham. The rest of the route is shown below on the map. On arrival back at the test centre, I walked back over to the examiner who was delighted to inform me that I had passed! Throughout the entire ride, I made only one fault which was pulling away in second gear. Not bad!

Chuffed to bits, I'm off to Thornbury now to pick up the repaired ignition lock for my VN800 then out for a ride on my VN800!



No more L plates ever again!!! (Unless I have to drive an HGV, tank or a tractor; which is unlikely!)

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