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Published 18th October 2009 by

My brother-in-law has been on at me about going fishing for some time now. With good weather and ideal tides, we decided to go this weekend to fish off of Brean beach.

Only trouble was when we got there... there was no water!!!

I've never been fishing before in my life, and I didn't really know what to expect during the day, but one thing I do know is that you need water.

We decided that we could either wait around for an hour or two until the tide comes in or we could venture up onto the down and fish from there. We both agreed to climb up to the top of the down and walk along to the end and fish the deeper waters.

Brean Sands

Brean Sands

I wasn't too sure how my knees would hold up against this climb, but luckily they held out for the entire day without causing many problems.

Once we got to the top of the down we walked around to the old fort and found a nice spot at the back next to an old WWII lookout post which was part of the coastal defences.

I let my brother-in-law do the baiting and casting. He used king ragworms, squid and mackerel and at this point, I'm thinking a fishing trip wasn't the best thing a vegetarian could have done.

After a few casts and reeling back in and a few snags, we had our first bite. Took a little while to bring it in but when we did we found we had caught a beautiful little bull nose huss shark. We brought him in, removed the hook and returned him to the sea.

By this time the sun was settings and it was getting dark quickly, so we got the torches out for a spot of night fishing. My brother in law caught something very large, possibly a ray, which broke the line pulling it in. A few minutes later my line was getting some attention from something large. I let my brother in law take over and he struggled to pull it in, but when he did pull it in we found a 4ft conger eel on the end.

He was very pleased with the catch and wanted to take it home, so with me looking away he did the necessary business. This defiantly isn't the best thing for a vegetarian to be doing. Soon after he caught another one slightly larger, and had to do the same because it had eaten both hooks which damaged the gills. It would not have survived had we let it go.

Looking over Brean Sands

Looking over Brean Sands

By now it was getting late and we still had to walk across the down in the dark to get back to the car before driving back home stinking of fish guts.

I was fine with everything, almost enjoying it, up to the killing. I'm a catch and release person for sure.

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