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Published 11th June 2011 by

In a sudden and unexpected change to the day's planned events, my brother in law and myself headed down to Brean and did a spot of fishing off Brean Down.

Due to the unexpected nature of our visit we were completely unprepared for going fishing, not least of which we had no rods! Having found a little tackle and bait shop to buy a rod, tackle and baits we headed off to the cafe to get some grub for ourselves and headed up to the top of the Down and past the old fort. Once there we settled down in the same spot as last time and set about fishing. At least he did, I just took photos with my new smartphone!

It wasn't long before we lost the first rig, but the second pulled in a small, but feisty, conger eel.

Stormy weather at Brean Down

Stormy weather at Brean Down

Having wrestled to get it up on the rocks, we had an even bigger task trying to de-hook it. Got it out eventually and we set it free in a large rock pool (not the one in the photo!)

After all that, we were feeling a little thirsty so we headed back home and to the pub!

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