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Published 14th August 2010 by

With the annual Perseid meteor shower at its peak, I set up the camera under clear skies to try again at photographing a meteor. After a number of years trying I finally managed to get one on digital film!
My First Meteor Shower Photo

My First Meteor Shower Photo

OK, so it's not much to look at (if you can't see it look at the centre of the image and up a bit) but it is my first.

I had my camera (Canon 350d with Canon 17-85 EF-S IS) focus set to infinity, manual 25-second exposure at ISO 400. Timer shutter release and I just let it take one pic after another, hoping that a meteor will pass in the right place and at the right time. If anybody has any tips on how to get better meteor pictures I'd like to hear from you because I was more than a little disappointed with this. To see why have a look a the Perseid gallery on SpaceWeather.com and look at some other pics.

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