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Published 13th June 2007 by

The story of the Fire Station Visitor dates back to 1975 when the newly-built headquarters for the Avon Fire Brigade was visited by a ghost on at least nine separate occasions.

The Fire Station Visitor was said to have walked through closed doors, lower the temperature of the central heating and then vanish all of a sudden.

A cook called Mrs Iris Rhodes saw it three times and once even chased it down the stairs with a glass of water thinking it was a fireman playing a prank. She described the ghoul as between thirty and thirty six, with ruddy cheeks and wearing a large mackintosh - but there could be another explanation...

The Temple area of Bristol was once owned by the Knight Templars, an order of warrior monks suppressed in 1308 for heresy - in reality because they had become too powerful for medieval Kings and Popes to control.

While Mrs Rhodes believed it was wearing a mac, firemen who saw him reckoned it was actually medieval dress. The theory is it was one of the knights keeping an eye on development on the Templars' estate.

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