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Published 6th September 2011 by

The time has come to get rid of my poor old Mercedes 320e, which I have had for a couple of years now.

Originally purchased in 2009 to use as a run around while the Skyline was being fixed, it became my daily driver and only car when the petrol prices went sky high and the UK economy went into recession. Parts for the GTR were just too expensive and petrol prices mean that it would cost a fortune to fill up each week, so it is in the garage waiting for the economy to sort itself out.

Two years on, and the GTR is still in the garage, the economy is still screwed and the Mercedes 320e (which is worse on fuel than the GTR!!!) has run out of life. The main problem being the engine wiring loom which is falling apart and will imminently fail and short out all the electrics. This alone will cost over £800 to fix - twice what I paid for the car. On top of that, there is quite a bit of rust set in, the air conditioning does not work - it always gives out hot air, sunroof does not work, radio does not work, heated seats burn and it needs new suspension and there is a loud clunking from the rear diff. Too much work for an old car with 206,553 miles on the clock, and unfortunately with tax and MOT almost about to run out nobody wanted to buy it. Reluctantly I had to take it to the scrap yard to be dismantled and crushed.

Another classic bites the dust.  :( 

Mercedes 320e

Mercedes 320e

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